Craig Campbell

Deputy Mayor (2019-2021) and Willoughby Councillor (2017-2021)

An immigrant from the USA, I am in my 12th year of living in Australia in Lane Cove North. I’ve had the honour of representing West Ward for the last 4 years as Councillor, and twice as Deputy Mayor.

I am an entrepreneur with a business background, currently self-employed and successfully running a small business with 45 employees. I have previously lived in Germany, Denmark, Mexico, and the USA before I came to Australia.

My children attend Mowbray Public School (and soon Chatswood High), where I previously served as the president of the P&C. I also served as the treasurer of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association. And of course, I serve as your Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

Four years ago I was a fresh face in Australia and the West Ward, and I passionately believe I’ve been able to make a real difference by bringing some energy, logic, and business oriented accountability to our local community. We’re on a good path, and I’d like to finish the work I started on your behalf.

Authorised by Craig Campbell.

33 Coolaroo Road, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066

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