We need to support our local businesses now more than ever.
We should continue & grow the Mayor’s Business Forum, we should put on great events that draw crowds, and invest in in building up a night-time economy.

We need to recapture the magic of community post COVID by bringing back our public events bigger and better.
Things like the Emerge Festival, Carols, and the successor to Vivid should be supported and enhanced. We should look for new opportunities wherever we can.

I pushed for Council to lobby the NSW government to use the Metro Dive Site land at the corner of Pacific Highway & Mowbray Road to increase our school capacity, and they seem to be listening.
We need to push for that to happen and also look for ways to add to play space for our local schools. We should also work on making school crossings safer and calming our traffic.

We have worked hard to bring new life into local centres across the LGA, and we need to deliver on every one of them to improve amenity for our residents and opportunities for our businesses.

Sport & Leisure Infrastructure
We need to deliver on the big projects we’ve planned for, like building the Gore Hill Indoor Sports Centre to add indoor basketball & netball courts, building new pools & fitness centre at the Willoughby Leisure Centre, and upgrading the Northbridge Baths.
We need to add sport facilities wherever we can and strive to keep the ones we have.

Many councils are reducing bin sizes and pickup frequency under the mistaken belief that this causes less rubbish, but this can actually cause more illegal dumping. 
Willoughby currently has a fantastic, environmentally sustainable rubbish service with weekly collection of full-sized bins.  There’s no reason to change that. 

Willoughby Council has some of the lowest residential rates on the North Shore, and they are scheduled to reduce when the infrastructure levy expires next financial year.
The levy was put in place in 2015/16 and has funded a great deal of infrastructure upgrades. The levy was scheduled to lapse after 7 years. There were many voices arguing in favour of trying to keep the levy into the future to fund other projects, but I fought this – a promise is a promise and needs to be kept. Willoughby can be well run with low rates.

We serve residents, not the other way around. Interacting with Council should be easy, transparent, and painless. We’ve made good strides toward that – let’s keep going.

Let’s keep fighting to make our traffic flow more smoothly and protect our parking. It’s a slog, but we stick with it.

Traffic should be considered holistically, not just as a localised matter.

We’ve worked hard to keep Willoughby in sound financial shape. Let’s keep delivering great projects with no rates rises.

Authorised by Craig Campbell.

33 Coolaroo Road, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066

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