The Australian Dream

I believe we are blessed with opportunity like few other times and places in history. It is our duty as Australians to make the best of our lives and leave this place a bit better than we found it.

I also believe it is good to constantly query whether we do things in the most efficient manner. We should be open to new ways to do

Fact based decision making

I believe that verifiable facts should drive decisions, not emotions or hearsay, and especially not organised activist campaigns.
I have learned that loud activism does not mean broad-based support; it just means there are a few loud people advocating their position.

Localisation with a Light Touch
I believe that governing decisions are best made as close to the local level as possible because local officials are closer to the people and more accountable. Local government should have a light touch – doing what needs to be done collectively (like roads, rates, rubbish) but otherwise leaving life up to individuals to live as they see fit. I do not believe that local government is the place for party agendas or politics.

I believe that it is best to take a decision and run with it than to dither and succumb to “paralysis by analysis.”

Courage & Personal responsibility
I try to make the right decisions, even under pressure. Some may disagree with my decisions, but I always have a process and a set of values that informs them. If I make mistakes, I own up to them and don’t hide behind others.

I self-fund my campaign and don’t owe anyone anything other than to the voters. That makes me able to make decisions on the merits without political considerations.

Authorised by Craig Campbell.

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