How to Vote

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When to Vote

December 4, 2021

Election Day

Many schools, churches and public buildings open their doors to voting.

Voting for Craig is best done with a Democracy Sausage, check the map below for where we think these will be available.

22 Nov - 3 Dec

Pre Poll

There are two locations where you can vote prior to the election:
Victoria Avenue, Chatswood (between interchange and Chatswood Public School)
Willoughby Uniting Church (Clanwilliam Street).

Register by Monday 29 Nov 2021

Online / Postal Vote

To vote online you need to register as a 'general postal voter' with the AEC.
Click the link below for details and eligibility criteria.

Where to Vote

The map below shows the voting wards (Source) and booths (TBD) of Willoughby.
Any community groups wanting to add detail to your marker please Contact Us

Authorised by Craig Campbell.

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