Monthly Update – December 2020

  • The change to the Beaconsfield lights is finally going ahead after years of delays from LCC and TfNSW/RMS/RTA.  It will be to add a right hand turn movement to the existing left hand turn movement, but a through movement to Ralston Rd on the Lane Cove side is still prohibited.  Works are due to commence to the island and traffic signals in the first part of December.  Perseverance pays off – it’s been a long time, but it’s finally nearing completion.
  • As previously mentioned, there has been a significant negative financial impact from COVID which puts a decent hole in Council’s budget.  The good news is that the officers are well aware of it and managing the finances well to ensure liquidity and positive cash flow.  It looks like the practical impact of it will be the delay of some capital projects in the long term financial plan.  And of course, the challenge is that COVID has the ability to change the overall situation quite rapidly, so whilst we have a good idea of how to manage the challenge so far, there is the distinct possibility of additional outbreaks changing the situation further.
  • As you note, the new draft LEP is now to the point of being reported to Council for next week’s meeting with a recommendation to proceed for consultation and gateway determination from DPIE.  It is a lot of reading, but the synopsis in my view is that it marries up the various component strategies (the local centres, industrial lands, and CBD) under an umbrella that continues the strategy of higher density around transport corridors, CBDs, and local centres, but lower density elsewhere, including preserving the industrial lands.  There are some proposed changes affecting R2 FSR to match state complying development standards, and some proposed increased FSR to some of the industrial lands.  But overall the general idea is consistent with the previous LEP.
  • The final OH Reid master plan is being reported for endorsement to Council next week.  Thanks to all in the community who helped out with that process.  It was a new idea for involving the community in this kind of thing, and I think it worked well, so thanks for the support.
  • You will have noticed from the companion animals committee starting up again that committees are again meeting via Zoom.
  • The branch libraries are open again.  The last I heard, the Chatswood West branch was lightly attended since reopening, but attended nonetheless.
  • Water restrictions have now eased, dropping from level 1 to new waterwise guidelines.  This came a bit under the radar considering that it was a major topic a year ago, but what a difference a year of bush fires and pandemics makes.  More details here:
  • The submissions received from the Moriarty Rd / Bowen St planning proposal exhibition were significant, and in conjunction with the petition received to hold public meetings on this matter, this is now planned for early Feb.  This is a good example of how submissions and petitions really can make a difference.  Details to follow when the meetings are scheduled.  Also, I have received the advice that this matter will not come before the SNPP, so I do not have a conflict in it (I had previously declared a conflict thinking it would end up before the SNPP).  So feel free to bombard me with your thoughts on the matter.
  • Community consultation is taking place on proposed changes to Fullers Rd to improve bicycle connections and pedestrian safety.  Feedback is requested by 13 Dec.  The proposed changes are as follows (note the proposed parking space reduction):
    • Installation of a new bicycle only right turn bay in Fullers Road between 112-116Fullers Road.
    • Installation of a new bicycle ramp, minor extension of the existing shared path and new full time No Stopping signs in Fullers Road, south side of road in the vicinity of 112-114 Fullers Road.
    • Installation of new full time No Stopping signs in Fullers Road, north side of the road, between Millwood Avenue and the eastern most driveway of 113 Fullers Road.
    • Relocation of the existing shared path and bicycle guide signs to suit the new arrangement.
    • Installation of new, and removal of existing, line marking, pavement marking, signposting and bicycle logos to suit the new arrangement.
    • The permanent removal of two car parking spaces  in Fullers Road
  • There will be some upcoming community notification on potential reclassification to operational land to accommodate the addition of 3 affordable housing units in the 600 block of Pacific Highway to which Council recently obtained title. 

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